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Sunday morning

Sand Dune exploration by quad bike

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Hokianga Harbour great sand dunes Hokianga Harbour great sand dunes

The Sand Dunes as seen from the South shore of the Hokianga Harbour can be accessed on Lenny’s quad bike tour which catches the Hokianga ferry and then skirts around the harbour to the beach tracks and the sand dunes. A 4WD vehicle or quad bike is essential. The sand dunes are a landscape of wind scarred bluffs, temporary shapes constantly buffered by the wind and a testament to the power of nature. The sand dunes can be accessed on land from Mitimiti (15 km drive along the beach). This is an all day excursion and a highlight of the weekend.

Then it’s back to Auckland and the bustle of the weekdays. On your way back home you will be thinking about your return trip. AAH looks forward to welcoming you to Hokianga.

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