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Weekend escape to your private island, Rotoroa Island, Hauraki Gulf

Departure mid afternoon

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Tui perched on Kowhai tree, NZ Tui perched on Kowhai tree, NZ

Reluctantly you pack your bags, you check that you are carrying all your rubbish back with you, any food scraps or plastic containers. Then you take a moment to sit outside in the warmth of the spring weather to listen to the bird song. The tui decides you need a farewell and starts up a chorus which continues as the tui’s girlfriend takes an interest in the entertainment.

Weka, NZ

You are close enough to the tui to witness the bird’s throat vibrating with the power of song. The Island sings as you savour your final weekend moments on Rotoroa.

You are spoiled with special visitors Takake, a pair who are industriously nibbling at the damp water race vegetation. And, of course you are accompanied by wekas as you depart for the scheduled Fullers ferry ride back to Auckland.

A mark of success is you want to go back for another visit. Rotoroa ticks all the boxes.

A bucket list weekend destination. If you have time for only one predator free island, reset and relax on Rotoroa Island.

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