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Warwickz Farm

Inquisitive alpaca, Warwickz Farm Inquisitive alpaca, Warwickz Farm

Welcome to Warwickz Farm, a little slice of Paradise with spectacular views of the Southern Alps in New Zealand’s beautiful South Island. Warwickz Farm has over 200 animals from over 40 breeds out of over 20 species.

We are home to a gorgeous herd of alpacas among a host of other farm favourites, miniature horses, saanen and angora goats, a flock of coloured sheep, arapawa sheep, gotland pelt sheep, a donkey, rex, netherland dwarf, mini lop, flemish giant, angora and the very rare Enderby Island rabbits, merino, abyssinian, rex and peruvian guinea pigs, a variety of chooks, fantail pigeons,ring necked doves, ducks, geese, peacocks, quail,guinea fowl, fish, miniature kunekune pigs, Susie the Border Collie and Xena the cat among others and the occasional tame human.

As a member of Rare Breeds Conservation Society of New Zealand we take particular pleasure in introducing our rarer creatures and explaining how special they are.

Garden tour

We also invite you to visit our award winning 30 year old country garden where you can admire the rhododendrons and cherry blossom or just rest some in our secret garden or rose arbor.

Hand crafts

Marvel at the range of hand crafts and crystals and gems available for purchase in the Warwickz Farm Craft and Crystal Gallery.
We also offer an interesting range of craft classes run by ourselves and highly respected guest tutors throughout the year.

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