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DAY 3: New Zealand itinerary 2 weeks, 14 days top sights

Stop 2: Putaruru Blue Springs & Te Waihou walkway

Putaruru river light Putaruru river light

Mesmerizing, water welling up forming blue ribbons with tendrils of green swirling freshwater plants. Photo opportunities galore against the blue / green water, hillsides and regenerating bush. The springs flow at a rate of 42 cubic metres per minute. The Blue Spring could fill a six lane, 25 metre swimming pool in just over 12 minutes. It maintains a constant 11°C year round and supplies approximately 60% of New Zealand’s bottled water. The springs origin is the Mamaku Plateau where water percolates through porous rocks taking up a 100 years to produce clear deep blue swelling springs. Look closely at the upwelling water and you will see trout nibbling on the delicious plant life, with open mouths snacking on water insects. The springs are a hotbed of aquatic activity. By the way no fishing is allowed.

Blue Spring Te Waihou Walkway has two major entrances. The longer walk, through farmland and regenerating bush is 4.7 km. The shorter walk is accessed from the Leslie Road car park and it is a 20 minute flat stroll to the springs. The Leslie Road access is wheelchair accessible.

Putaruru Blue Springs ban swimming due to concerns about water pollution. While the Springs are child friendly and most of the area is fenced children must be supervised at all times as the boardwalk is not fenced. Cycling to Springs could be hazardous as it would involve travel on State Highway where there are no dedicated cycle lanes. Care is needed at all times. There is no public transport to the Blue Springs. No admission fees, Public toilet facilities.

VISIT: Allow up to three hours depending on chosen walking route

Where is it? Approximately 15 minutes drive from Tirau. Signposted from State Highway one

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