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DAY 3-4: New Zealand itinerary 2 weeks, 14 days top sights

Taupo arrival

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Mount Ngauruhoe Tongariro National Park, New Zealand Mount Ngauruhoe Tongariro National Park, New Zealand

Find out what makes this place special. Visitors are beguiled by a volcanic zone stretching across the Central Plateau of the North Island. Nature has created a bubbling cauldron of warm mineral water and deep immense crater lakes. The inky blue bodies of water are fringed by lush native bush. The glorious scenery has a stunning backdrop of the three snow-tipped peaks of Tongariro National Park. It is the stuff of holiday dreams with the picturesque landscape encouraging water sports, adventures from jet boating, rafting and kayaking or walking tours soaking up the views.

Huka Falls, Taupo


  • Huka falls, enormous torrents of water forcing its way through a rocky gorge is memorising and definitely unmissable
  • Lake cruise, got to get out on the water, it’s Lake Taupo after all. Catch a good look at the Maori rock carvings as they rise magnificently out of the water
  • Craters of the Moon lunar landscape is extraordinary, an otherworldly experience
  • ORAKEI KORAKO steaming vents, boiling mud, a geothermal wonderland (this is on the route between Taupo and Rotorua creating an excellent stop on your road trip between the two towns)
  • Taupo adventures beckon, go bungy jumping or go para-skiing on the lake,
  • Indulge in a leisurely cafe brunch at Lava Glass
  • Take a selfie against Taupo’s graffiti street art trail


… learn more about Taupo and enjoy the DAY 4 exploring TAUPO.


Getting around Taupo. The central town district is easily navigated by foot or cycle however most attractions are out of town either requiring a vehicle or a guided tour option. Attractions have large car parks and are well signposted. If you are not sure, pop into Taupo’s Visitor Centre conveniently located on the main street through Taupo.

Can’t get enough of geothermal marvels, the boiling mud pools, the geyser fountains then either join a River cruise or drive to Orakei Korako and enjoy a day exploring one of Taupo’s lesser known natural thermal attractions. Orakei Korako is home to the most active geysers publicly accessible. There are up to twenty geysers on display. The boiling streams of water coat the slopes with vibrant silica. The area is home to large geothermal caves, native bush with bird song and a picturesque lake with steaming hot vents.


The lake is dotted with steaming quiet streams where a natural foot massage is just the perfect way to relax.


Orakei Korako allows dogs to view the geothermal activity.

Hot Springs Algae, and Emerald Terrace, Orakei Korako


Camping is possibility with plenty of options. Check out 7 places to go camping in Taupo.

As a major tourist destination Taupo has a wealth of accommodation options from budget hostels, waterfront motels and hotels to boutique lodges.

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