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Craft brewery & cider drink Nelson weekend trip

Mussel Inn

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@Mussel Inn @Mussel Inn

Discover one of New Zealand’s oldest pubs. Savour the taste of craft beer brewed locally, by locals. Finish your journey checking out the Mussel Inn. There is a boutique brewery attached to the pub crafting beer, ale and cider. The Mussel Inn is a performance venue for talented and perhaps not so talented but lots of fun entertainers. Sip your beverage of choice or perhaps try out non alcoholic lemonade and ginger beer made on the premises. The pub was established in 1980. If you want to find out what is happening nearby check out what to do at the end of the road (literally) … What’s so great about Collingwood and Farewell Spit.

Farewell spit gannets, Nelson


Farewell Spit is a journey to an area where people have lightly trod. It is pristine and beautiful. For fans of extraordinary sculptured weathered rocks a day exploring Wharariki Beach is one for the memory books. Uncover a remote beach with its iconic SPLIT APPLE ROCK at the beginning of Farewell Spit. Wharariki Beach access is a journey in itself with a considerable drive to gain access to the beach’s walking track.


Captain James Cook, British navigator, was in need of a drink to combat the dreaded scurvy in his sailors. The result was a blend of Indian tea and locally sourced native manuka tree leaf tips. Since 1995 the pub has celebrated the event with Captain Cooker Manuka Beer, a red-brown beer flavoured with manuka leaves. The name commemorates the wild pigs that James Cook liberated in New Zealand. “Cook brewed ‘spruce beer’ from rimu twigs and manuka leaves in 1773 at Dusky Sound, with the aim of warding off scurvy in his crew. On its own, rimu foliage made the beer too bitter, so he mixed it with an equal quantity of manuka leaves.’ source Mānuka beer from the Mussel Inn – Nelson places – Te Ara Encyclopedia of New Zealand.

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