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Waiapu Cathedral

Waiapu Anglican Cathedral @lensofmike Waiapu Anglican Cathedral @lensofmike

Any cathedral takes its name from cathedra, the Latin word for chair, in this case the Bishop’s Chair. The Cathedral is the “mother” church of the Diocese, a regional grouping of churches.

Our diocese covers 39,000 sq kilometres of the central and eastern North Island, embracing 40 parishes with the same number of social service agencies providing care for everyone from preschoolers to retired people.

Our name means ‘abundant waters’ and is given to us by the river that flows under Mt Hikurangi on the East Coast, where Anglican mission began in the 1830s.

The ethos of this sprawling, largely rural diocese is open, informal, committed to partnership with Tikanga Maori, hospitable and welcoming of people from all backgrounds.

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