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Ngunguru or frying pan lookout

Ngunguru or frying pan lookout Ngunguru or frying pan lookout
Ngunguru (Tutukaka) waterfront at dusk Ngunguru (Tutukaka) waterfront at dusk

It is spectacular. You do not often say this about a photo opportunity. The lookout, known as the Frying Pan  even has an elevated platform for people to climb for an enhanced panoramic view. You might strike a tour bus stop in which case chill out and wait fifteen minutes for the crowds to get back on their tour bus.

TIP: The timber lookout height and ramp are designed to be accessible.

Scow Landing and the Ngunguru river.

You will pass through the quiet small settlement of Kiripaka, once home to over 2,000 coal miners. The bridge across the Ngunguru river is a memorial to World War II soldiers while Scow Landing is where the sailing scows were loaded for the Auckland market. As you have followed the coast look out for historic dry-stone walls that line each side of the road. The Whangarei area has an estimated 1500 kilometres of dry stone walls. Some were built as early as the 1860s.

A quiet river tributary Scow Landing has a story to tell us and then sheer sheets of water make another photo moment. Whangarei Falls is a must for memory moments.

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