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Waipu Museum

Waipu Museum Celtic cross Waipu Museum Celtic cross
Waipu Museum exhibit Waipu Museum exhibit

The descendants of the original pioneers have created a powerful story of determination and grit. The museum is homage to the will to find a sanctuary where religious and cultural practices could be safely practised. The museum tells the story using innovative techniques and layered interactive displays. There is a narrative using video montages and voices from the past invoking a sense of daily life.

The museum is located in the heart of a vibrant street scene lined with cafes, boutique stores and gift shops. You will have time to browse the local stores and catch a bite to eat. As you exit the museum you will be tempted by the gift shop. The museum gift shop is where your tartan questions can be answered. Gifts range from beautifully made artisan one-of-a-kind wooden objects to cards, stationery and tartan clothing.

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