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Riwaka River @Petetheclown Riwaka River @Petetheclown

Riwaka is a very short drive or cycle ride from Motueka.  Today is about exploring the area at a pace to rest and relax into the holiday vibe of Nelson. For a restorative mid morning snack check out Ginger Dynamite Go Go Food and Coffee , home baked smoked fish pies and freshly brewed ginger beer.

Riwaka is within walking distance of Motueka (6km). The Riwaka River valley is home to numerous orchards and fresh produce growers. You will observe red netting over trees, especially cherry orchards to stop birds enjoying a free feast. Along with the Motueka River Valley it is the area where hops (formerly tobacco) is produced. Look for abandoned old  hop kilns. The name is a corruption of Riuwaka, riu: interior or bilge; waka: canoe. The land was once a swamp and named Tureauraki. Our History & Community local primary school online resource. The Riwaka domain has public toilet facilities.

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