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Ruby Coast

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Ruby Coast is a not so secret detour with the well known Jester House Cafe as part of the foodie circuit. A striking welcome is the recycled stainless steel sculpture of shorebirds as you enter the Tasman Village. Stunning and durable. The Ruby Coast name reflects the deep red pebbles which are just behind the surface of the beach. A highlight for art lovers is Tasman Village, art lovers, collectors you are in an area with well known potters and potters studios. Celebrated potters such as Steve Fuller, Sue Newitt and Daryl Frost part of the Ruby Bay Coast art trail call the area home.

For inspiration on how to extend your weekend or return to the Ruby Coast check Ten inspiring reasons to stay longer in the Tasman Village, Nelson.

Kina Beach and rock pools are a great reason to visit a beach, linger and imagine what art forms the driftwood takes and beach comb for sea shells including kinas (sea urchins) left by the tide. Perhaps you have grabbed a coffee and cheese scone from the Tasman Village general store. Kina Beach Reserve is a perfect place for an impromptu picnic.

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