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Pic’s Peanut

@picspeanutbutter @picspeanutbutter

Pic’s Peanut Butter World is a great place to start the weekend. A free tour where the secrets of making peanut butter without the nasties is shown on the 50 minute tour. There is time to sample your way around the factory as you view operations. You are encouraged to make your own peanut butter with tips and tricks to a great product. The shop is tempting on a plate with the winner for the weekend peanut butter slugs. Peanut butter slugs for the bike carry bags are just the answer for restorative energy boosts during the weekend.

Next it is on the road to Eddyline Breweries. Casual is the theme of the weekend and Eddyline sums up the mood beautifully. Eddyline – NZ prepared wood fired pizza is the perfect antidote for an energy boost. On the cycle trail again, follow the edge of the Waimea Estuary, which is industrial for the initialt 2.5 kms before the sprawl is replaced with saltbushes, reedy estuaries, wading and Spoonbills. The Spoonbill’s grace and flair is the poster bird for Waimea estuary. The next section is through Rabbit Island’s pine forests. There are signs indicating beach access if you are tempted to take a dip. Rabbit Island is a local favourite for picnics and swimming. The last section of trail follows the beachfront for approximately 7 km, to the ferry landing and it is just a 10 minute trip across the channel to the Mapua Wharf, your destination for the day.

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