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Inland Otago side roads exploration


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Sod Cottage in Milton Sod Cottage in Milton


  • Gothic church for selfie moment
  • Butcher Museum
  • Tokomairiro museum with its Milton pottery collection
  • Sod cottage, 19th century store and wayside ‘pub’
@Tokomairiro Museum

In a small town,  located on SH1 the elaborate art deco former post office is now the Tokomairiro Museum. A substantial collection of Milton Pottery, as well as artefacts retrieved from a sailing ship that wrecked near Milton in 1907 are on display. Milton is home to a butcher’s museum. Butchery Museum with historic equipment and photographs dating back to the early 20th century, managed by Rex Spence who is a practicing butcher (South Kill Abattoir). As you drive through the town perhaps you will notice an odd kink in the road. There are several theories why Milton has a decided bend in its main street, the favourite being two surveyors were heading towards town from different directions and weren’t quite on the same page regarding direction.

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