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Tokaanu all day exploration

Tokaanu geothermal walk Tokaanu geothermal walk

Lake Rotopounamu sounds exquisite yet the thought of tramping through the bush doesn’t appeal. Tokaanua offers geothermal bliss with a chance to meet the locals while soaking in the local natural hot water pools. You can take a wander down to the Tokaanu old wharf. Tokaanu was a transport hub now the wharf is a decaying relic of early 20th century transport links.

For jetty and wharf fans, with aging timbers gracefully rotting in the elements this wharf has got it all. Plus it reaches into the infinity of Lake Taupo giving a perspective to a photo moment.

Tokaanu geothermal pools, although in need of a spruce up, a family friendly greeting makes you feel welcome. There is a sense of connection with the thermal activity in the vicinity. Ice cream and snacks are available at the onsite cafe. Remember to bring your own towels and swimming gear. TIP Look up at the nearby cliffs and you will see Hipaua steaming cliffs. The cliff face is part of the Tokaanu-Waihi-Hipaa thermal area. The cliffs are not safe to climb. A great cliff viewing spot is the old wharf or the bridge to the thermal pools. Do not forget to peer over the Tokaanu geothermal pools bridge to observe trout in the warm stream waters.

Safety notice: Take heed of notices about not immersing your head in the geothermal water and no fishing from the bridge.

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