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Fishing, lakes and rivers

Picturesque Tongariro River Picturesque Tongariro River

Fishing options summary (with licence):

  • Fish from Tokaanu wharf
  • Fishing charter (either private or group) Lake Taupo
  • On shore flying Lake Taupo
  • Fly fishing Tongariro River

All day fishing on Lake Taupo is bliss for some visitors or perhaps fly fishing Tongariro River is a highlight. Tongariro River is a stone’s throw away with the challenges of fly fishing. Then again, perhaps a full day on the Lake doesn’t appeal yet the idea of fresh water fishing sounds good. There is the option of trying your hand at fishing from Tokaanu old wharf. For fishing charters and guides, visitors based in either Tokaanu or Turangi have a quick 25 minute drive to the numerous charter options in Taupo. You can join a group of first time holiday makers for a Taupo fishing cruise.

Fishing licences are compulsory. For visitors without a fishing licence or gear to fish this will need to be a pre-booked activity. Fishing gear can be rented for the day, and if you have booked a guide they will manage transport or a meeting point.

TIP: Visitors with a current licence, check with your accommodation provider for tips on the best spots locally to fish.

Lake Taupo & Turangi Fishing Guides. When you check out the professional fishing guides you will be entranced by their wide, I’ve got this fish grin. NOTE: for fly fishing waders will need to be hired as well. More pesky details to get excited about. Lifeajackets.

TIP: Remember to wear lifejackets while on the water and supervise children around water.

And we look forward to the selfie with the catch of the day.

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