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Explore Huka Falls

Huka Falls Taupo Huka Falls Taupo

Huka Falls is a tourist hotspot with crowds bustling for a place on the viewing platform. The place is very busy, I observed two car parking wardens supervising a stream of cars and people. Unlike Craters of the Moon there are a number of designated parking spaces for large mass transit tour buses. The majority of visitors are crowded onto a relatively narrow bridge to view the Huka Falls where the sheer volume of water churns its way through a rock gorge. Yet it does not detract from the swirling churn of water, rocks and sky.

Visitors are in groups or singly focused on the endless flow of water and surges of water energy pushing against the rock faces. Simply standing still, resting against the satisfactorily robust railing, the crowd will melt away. The enormity of pent up energy captures visitor attention. The Waikato river upstream has a width of 100 metres, the gorge is15 metres width. The river battle to escape the gorge is transfixing, you are spellbound by the endless sight of raging white capped foaming water hellbent on releasing energy.

The sheer volume of water power makes the visit worthwhile. Although you might have to queue for your photo moment. There are walking tracks along both sides of the falls, so you can figure the best place for your selfie. The crowds could make supervision of children a challenge. There are toilet facilities next to the gift shop.

Walks to Huka Falls

Huka Falls website describes walks, ‘From the Spa Thermal Park car park, follow the signs towards the Waikato River. Near the start of the track a bridge crosses a natural hot stream, Otumuheke Stream, where you can enjoy a free hot soak. From here the well-defined track winds along the riverbank, offering lovely views along the way. The walk finishes at the spectacular Huka Falls. From Huka Falls you can continue on to Aratiatia Rapids. The walking track continues along the river to the Aratiatia hydro dam and rapids. This is an additional 4 hour return walk.’ (see Day for Aratiatia experience)

No admission fees



Huka Falls cruise Adrenaline inducing rides, a favourite of New Zealand’s international visitors, a thrilling ride surrounded by the surging currents of the Waikato River Huka Jet Boat.

Driving by car Craters of the Moon to Huka Falls 15 minutes

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