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What’s so great about Hurunui River Mouth

  • 2 minutes

Fishing heaven and a place where you might be the only person

Hurunui Mouth there are plenty of things to do. There are no shops, supermarkets, petrol stations or facilities and your mobile is likely to have no service. For locals Hurunui River Mouth is fishing heaven as it is a well known run for salmon in the season. The Hurunui River Mouth and St Anne’s Lagoon were important food sources for the pre-European Maori who travelled along the east coast between Kaikoura and Kaiapoi.

Hurunui River Access. Hurunui district side roads to quiet rivers


  • Walks Manuka Bay is the start of the Manuka Bay Track also known as the Port Robinson Walkway. The track climbs the beach cliffs and drops down to the Hurunui River Mouth. From the 3km (one way) track there are glorious views of the coast. The track is steep and involves fording several streams and can be muddy after rain.
  • Hurunui River Mouth is accessible by sealed road

Hurunui River Mouth Reserve Camping Ground is administered by the Domett Reserves Committee. It is a basic campground with non-flush toilets, no powered sites, zero waste policy, carry in and carry out rubbish. Payment is by honesty box at the entrance of the reserve. Dogs are permitted.


  • Check fishing guides and salmon run forecasts. Early spring to late summer.


  • Paddle in the estuary
  • Practice their fishing skills


Hurunui River Mouth to Napa Napa Beach (7km)

Hurunui River Mouth, New Zealand @michaelabratty
Hurunui River Mouth @michaelabratty

Napenape beach

  • Approximately 5km from Hurunui River mouth and protected by high sheer limestone cliffs is Nape Nape beach. It is home to a few aging beaches (beach homes) and significant for its archaeological sites of early Maori occupation. The beach is popular for surf casting fishing and it is not uncommon to see seals lounging on the sands. Either continue the wandering down side roads or return the way you came. Continuing down side roads south you will follow Blythe Road to the Motunau Beach and its basic campgrounds and convenience shops.

See route map

Hurunui River Mouth, New Zealand
Hurunui River Mouth


  • The Hurunui River reaches the Canterbury Plains is a braided river emerging to form lagoons and estuaries and coastal forest. According to unverified sources the name means ‘long hair.’



  • A detour through remote untouched parts of the country where you can truly disconnect from the wired world.

Every town adds to the richness of things to do and see. For more details about the region check Christchurch & Canterbury Region nearby attractions and events.

Hurunui River, New Zealand @visithurunui
Hurunui River @visithurunui

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