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Craft breweries, ciders Hawke’s Bay day trip ideas

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Relish the taste of crisp apples as you sip a cold cider. Discover an orchard where hops are grown. Hawke’s Bay is undoubtedly wine territory yet craft beer and cider producers add a depth of flavour to the food and drink scene of the Hawke’s Bay. Combine your exploration of vineyards with a detour into the world of craft beer and cider in the Bay.

Hawke’s Bay festivals

  • NEW ZEALAND CIDER FESTIVAL – FEBRUARY, live music, cider on tap, craft stalls and entertainment
  • Beer Appreciation Day Duart House, Havelock North, March


Find a semi-industrial area in Hastings. Check out a tasting room that is stripped and functional and you’ve located Brave Brewing Co. The barebones, backyard operation now serves a contemporary food menu with their brews. Brave Brewery has a devoted local following supporting the neighbourhood operation. The Brave’s own beer is on tap together with guest beers from around New Zealand. There are local wines and non-alcoholic drinks available. The cult classic is Tigermilk, you can even score a coffee cup to mark your new fav tipple.


Find the brewery that rivals any vineyard for a rural relaxed setting. There is a 1970’s caravan bar, safari style dining tent and out door seating under the hops. The kids will be very happy with the extensive play area while you soak up the country atmosphere. Enjoy a vegan friendly, un-filtered seasonal beer range and delicious wood fired pizza. A must-go Godsown Brewery is a unique NZ experience.

@Roosters Brewhouse
@Roosters Brewhouse


Craft beer served with an innovative food menu on one of Hasting’s main arteries, Omahu Rd is a local favourite for a night out. Roosters brew their own beer with the hops ingredients clearly identified for the discerning palate. From English pale ale, lager to dark malt flavours there is a beer for all tastes. The owners are experienced hospitality professionals (Bay Expresso) and have turned their talents into creating a great place to eat and drink, Roosters Craft Beer and Restaurant, is a dining experience as well as a craft beer destination. A favourite for kids is the non-alcoholic ginger beer.


Visit a pub with their own brewery supplying tap and bottled beer. Combine the ingredients with the pretty village of Havelock North and you create the Giant Beer Pub. The classic pub has a rotating guest list of beers from New Zealand independents, ciders, wines and cocktails for those who desire a dash of colour in their drink. Visiting Havelock North and want a bite to eat and drink then Giant Beer Pub could be the place for you.

@Zeelandt Brewery
@Zeelandt Brewery


Locate a brewery that is just that, a brewery dedicated to the science of beer making. And it shows with award winning beers such as JERRY RIG (Helles), a blonde lager style commonly consumed in big beer halls from big glassware or Long Range Bomber, American pale ale. Zeelandt has both online and shop sales available from its manufacturing premises. There are brewery tours where you learn about the process of beer making from the passionate owners and get to sample seasonal beers. Want to know more about beer check out their blog.


Lower alcohol levels and less sugar are contributing factors making cider an increasingly popular drinking choice. Craft cider has the favour of the orchard in the bottle and is manufactured in small batches creating a unique taste. Hawke’s Bay and Nelson produce over 85% of the apples and cider brewing is a happy result.


Crushing the family’s apples creates a uniquely Hawke’s Bay flavour to the cider. This is a branch to bottle story. The garden bar is quickly becoming a local institution for a summer’s day stretched out on the grass with the apple trees nearby. Eat, drink and enjoy  with the taste of red apple summer sweetness of Summer Fling or crispy green Bach Life cider exclusively crafted from the iconic Granny Smith apple variety.



Visit the taproom tasting bar and order a platter of fresh figs, artisan breads, olive oil dips and eats and enjoy cider crafted on site. Award winning ciders with the taste of sweet red apples or the original classic award winning green apple cider. The taproom has a rustic feel with wooden no frills seating among the orchard. It is a delight on a warm summer’s day. There are seasonal ciders and fruit ciders with ingredients sourced from local orchards. For fans of seltzer Zeffer produce a range of fruity sparkling ciders. There are alcoholic ginger beers available as well. Zeffer is available nationwide, Australia and elsewhere however there is nothing like visiting the place where it all started the journey towards success. There is an online store so you do not have to miss out.


  • ORCHARD THIEVES & OLD MOUT: Owned and operated by commercial DB Breweries, Old Mout Cider is a core product. Formerly Old Mout was part of Redwood Cider Co and continues to manage cellar door sales from the original factory premises.



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