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Dunedin romantic places, things to do for couples

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Dunedin, Otago

Best bits where to go and what to see

Pack a beanie and a waterproof jacket and the best things in life are not always in sunshine. Dunedin has a southern ocean climate, brisk, exhilarating and fresh air.

Dunedin Botanic Garden entrance, New Zealand
Dunedin Botanic Gardens entrance


Year round with plenty of indoor activities for cooler days as well as exciting wildlife encounters for summer moments.


  • Brighton beach, bright blue sea, sandy beach and jetty – perfect
  • Tampa Bay, Otago causeway, Anderson Bay Inlet winding roads around the Otago peninsula
  • Aramoana spit and wildlife reserve reaching out into the Dunedin harbour
Gorse, Otago Harbour entrance, Dunedin, Otago, South Island, New Zealand. The sand dune and the Aramoana mole located at the mouth of the Otago Harbor. This area is a protected Wildlife Sanctuary.
Aramoana, Otago Harbor
Larnach Castle evening dinner experience, Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand
Larnach Castle evening dinner experience


  • The two of you fine dining at Larnach Castle as you’ve checked in for a night of luxury
  • Butterflies, ephemeral flitting translucent beauty in the tropical oasis at Toitu Otago Museum. What a great place to capture the moment
  • Enormous street murals where posing for a selfie is expected and perfect for your socials feed
  • And the classic portrait pose is in front of the Victorian confection, Dunedin Railway Station or inside with the wrought iron elegance of the staircases and luminated stained glass windows


  • Tunnel beach (low tide only) with its soaring cliff faces
  • Together viewing baby Royal Albatross chicks cosy in the protected viewing platform as the chicks are buffeted by ocean winds
  • Dunedin is one of the few places where you can see the Aurora Australis. The unpredictable lights are spectacular. The Aurora happens all year round. But the best time to view it from Dunedin is around midnight between March and September.
  • Join a Southern Skies Star Gazing tour and hear stories about the importance of celestial features of the Southern sky Maori navigation stories and chance upon the Aurora when the conditions are in perfect alignment…
Royal Albatross near Dunedin, South Island, New Zealand.
Royal Albatross near Dunedin
The popular surf beach and Esplanade at St Clair in the south of the Dunedin capital city of Otago South Island New Zealand
St Clair beach
  • Salt water swimming without the chill factor. Enjoy a day in the suburb of St Clair. St Clair Pool is an outdoor hot salt water pool built on the edge of St Clair beach tucked under the cliff face. The historic pools (1880’s) offer the comfort of 28c warm salt and chlorinated water is a glorious outdoor setting
  • Lace up your adventure spirit and join Hair Raising tours for a twilight visit to Dunedin’s alleyways. Linger with Mr Smiff in Dunedin’s infamous ‘devils triangle’ and find out about of crime and punishment in Dunedin. Murder, adultery and betrayal lie behind every door


  • Nothing like the beautiful public Dunedin Botanical Garden to slow down the senses. Discover Lan Yuan Dunedin Chinese Garden, a reflection of a scholar’s retreat. Stroll around or relax over tea and dumplings.
  • St Clair esplanade is a romantic place to walk hand in hand watching the surfers, deciding which of the many cafes and restaurants to eat in and consider whether to take the plunge in the local salt water pools
  • And you do not need to spend a fortune to romance and pleasure Indulge 10 tips for a romantic holiday location on a budget
Dunedin Botanic Garden summer days, Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand


Dunedin’s eat and drink scene is a sophisticated blend of international flavours and student inspired practical affordable eats.

Love food trucks and impromptu atmosphere then Arc Brewing Co. is the place to be if in town on the weekend. Small batch brewing, craft beer in Blueskin Bay combined with a weekly rotation of Dunedin’s popular food trucks.

Loved Dunedin and want to explore nearby?

Nearby Dunedin check out where the wild things roam, The Catlins. The Southern Scenic Route, which starts or ends in Dunedin is a fantastic road trip option.

The Catlins, find a quiet spot and relax, New Zealand
The Catlins, find a quiet spot and relax




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