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Street art, Christchurch, New Zealand

This post is a pictorial  journey exploring street art in Christchurch.

Art installation _ NZJane in Hagley Park
Street art 1

Transport – Do you need a rental car?

Not necessary.  Christchurch is a compact city with an excellent public transport network,  a well established taxi service as well as paths and maps to guide walkers around the newly rebuilt Christchurch.

Must do
Street art

Guided street art tour

Starting in the CDB you can join a 2 hour walking tour.  This will provide context and a commentary on the artists whose works you are viewing. Proceeds from the tour go towards supporting the local artists a great sustainable tourism venture worth all art focued visitors supporting.

sculpture 7
street art ballerian foreever hidden by building

Brushing up on your art homework credentials.

Your first stop is the Christchurch Arts Centre visitor information site.  The ‘i’ site can provide self- guided maps to street art installations, pop up exhibitions as well as commercial galleries.

Christchurch Art Gallery with its contemporary architecture, gift shop and exhibitions should be on the to do list for an art focused exploration.weekend.  The gallery has child friendly activities to encourage younger guest experience.

street art 5

General walking tours

Walking tours

Christchurch is a city built for walking tours.  You are not faced with steep hills and valleys. It is a city of squares, grids and signposts.  Your walking tour can be self-guided or with local guides. Self guided walks are recommended to use the Christchurch Tram heritage trail as a base to explore the city.  I enjoyed the interaction of  Walk Christchurch is managed by volunteers.  The walks are not ‘free’ a donation is encouraged.

The journey is worth it.

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