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Destination & Itineraries

Wairoa Lighthouse, Wairoa, New Zealand @Hawke's Bay

Five things to do in Wairoa

Wairoa Lighthouse, Wairoa, New Zealand @Hawke's Bay A service town that supports the agricultural sector Wairoa is not usually viewed as a tourist destination. The town, simi ...

Buried village exacavted whare (Maori dwelling house), New Zealand

Rotorua Buried Village the story of the Tarawera Eruption

A working archaeological village is New Zealand’s Pompeii, a village buried under the ash and pyroclastic flow of the 1886 Mt Tarawera volcanic eruption. The eruption ende ...

Rotorua, Bay of Plenty, North Island, New Zealand

Rotorua Ohinemutu Heritage Village & St Faiths Church

Ohinemutu is a heritage village with occupation reaching back hundreds of years. The warm geothermal waters provided steam to cook, bath and heat houses. The village is a li ...

L&P Bottle, New Zealand @ The Coromandel

Ten things to do in Paeroa & Wahi

Wahi and Paeroa are fascinating with detours into gold mining history, the only active gold mine in the country and it has visitor tours, quirky shops and a spectacular fore ...

Street art pacific theme, New Zealand

Coromandel Art Escape Weekend

The Coromandel art scene explodes with colour and vitality every year on art escape weekend. A great weekend road trip for culture fans and art collectors. ...

Kawakawa mural, New Zealand

Let’s go to Kawakawa and check out public toilets

Kawakawa is often bypassed by traffic on State Highway intent on reaching Northland. It is a mistake as it is the coolest place in New Zealand for its quirky cultural interp ...

Making stuff, five workshops for your next holiday

WANAKA Wanaka and the majestic Southern Alps. Plenty of space for locals and you get taste of what overseas visitors flocked in their thousands to experience. ...

@ glenberviepottery

Northland Art Galleries, Workshops and Exhibitions worth a visit

Route map Kawakawa to Whangarei to Ngungunui to Helena Bay to Kerikeri to Peria to Mangonui to Houhora to Kohukohu to W Gorge Rd, Nelson’s Kauri Museum. Following from the c ...

Street art painted by ROA from Belgium which is located in Dunedin, New Zealand

Dunedin street art: heritage buildings got a serious lick of new paint

Did you need another reason to visit Dunedin? If so, here it is. It’s a brisk -10c in the sunshine (perhaps you better make sure you’ve a blunt umbrella in the ...

Street art, Christchurch, New Zealand

Christchurch street art journey

This post is a pictorial  journey exploring street art in Christchurch. Transport – Do ...

Abandoned ghost towns

NZJane has a fascination with the emptiness, disappeared people, disappeared life, just empty decaying buildings.  I wonder what happened that a place is deserted and now a ruin. ...