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Cook Islands Aitutaki Day Tour

@Cook Islands Aitutaki day tour @Cook Islands Aitutaki day tour

The lagoon’s waters teem with marine life, including rays, bonefish and turtles.

The Aitutaki Day Tour is the easiest and most affordable option to experience the magic, tranquillity and beauty of Aitutaki’s breathtaking lagoon. Whether you are single, a couple or a family with children, this is the tour you cannot afford to miss.

Aitutaki is a short flight from Rarotonga but seems to be worlds apart. There is no better way to fully experience the beauty and charm of that magical place than to experience the all inclusive Aitutaki Day Tour from Rarotonga.

Jaw-dropping views, relaxing atmosphere, swimming and snorkelling spots teeming with an array of colourful tropical fish and majestic giant trevallies, visits to sun-soaked islets (motus) and tropical buffet lunch make up for an unforgettable day. It is an experience no visitor to the Cook islands should miss!

You can experience the beauty and the bounty of Aitutaki’s lagoon and its many islands including One Foot Island right from the front door of your Rarotonga Hotel or accommodation all the way to our double hulled traditionally styled Vaka cruise Aitutaki’s wide turquoise lagoon.

Every morning starting at 7 a.m. our transfer buses circle the island of Rarotonga to pick up our booked Aitutaki Day Tour passengers from their accommodation for the short trip to Rarotonga International Airport from where the 8:00 am flight to Aitutaki will depart for its 40 minute flight to Aitutaki. Breathtaking views of Aitutaki Lagoon give the first impression of what lies ahead.

Just a word of warning. Book the day tour for early in your stay, if the weather is bad on the day you have booked the good people at Air Raro will let you know and will give you the opportunity to reschedule your flight for another day.



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