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Nature & Wildlife

Christchurch 14 top picnic spots for families, couples and singles

  • 5 minutes


Parks, reserves and Banks Peninsula

Rediscover the impromptu feel of a picnic. The sense of adventure, getting away from it all is the stuff of holidays. Outdoors, beautiful scenery and things to do from recreational boating at the Groynes to summit exploration on Mt Cavendish. Nearby are cafes for wet weather days and warm sunny summers to kick off the footwear and go paddling in creeks at Abberley or Orton Bradley Parks. Check out the local delis for picnic ingredients and relish the taste of a Canterbury summer al fresco day.

The Groynes, Christchurch, New Zealand @guwan_tim_jung
The Groynes @guwan_tim_jung

Enjoy a premier picnic area with pretty much everything going for it from walking tracks, fishing locations, orientation courses and multiple playgrounds.

  • Flying foxes, rope swings, slides enough space for all the family to explore the climbing, jumping equipment
  • Couples hire a boat and test your navigation skills
  • Orientation courses are fun for teenagers and adults interested in testing their ability to read a compass
  1. Bottle Lake Forest Park

Coastal and forest walks, mountain-bike tracks and horse-riding trails. The Visitor Centre, located at the Waitikiri Drive entrance, has track maps, brochures and displays about the park’s history and ecology. There are public toilets in the car park.

  • Families, couples and singles can enjoy the shared trails
  • Kids can explore the Fairy Village. The fairy door walk is a flat easy trail
Bottle Lake Forest Park @NZ Herald
Bottle Lake Forest Park @NZ Herald
Abberley Park, New Zealand @Christchurch City Council
Abberley Park, New Zealand @Christchurch City Council

Suburban haven is a quiet surprise. Discover the joy of a mature garden with its babbling stream and scented garden

  • Kids playground and shady trees
  • Adults will enjoy the meandering stream framed by mature flowering borders with plenty of seating to relax into the shared moment

Historic Mona Vale is the perfect location for visitors to Christchurch to sample the ‘Christchurch garden’ The herbaceous borders are full of colour, the mix of exotic and native trees the blended garden that Canterbury is renown for is a delight

  • A romantic destination with its attractive heritage buildings, bush tracks and garden setting
  • A cafe offers an alternative to an al fresco picnic
Mona Vale, Christchurch, New Zealand @mahalestari
Mona Vale @mahalestari
Risingholme Park, Christchurch, New Zealand @Find Christchurch NZ
Risingholme Park, Christchurch, New Zealand @Find Christchurch NZ

Another romantic setting where couples will enjoy a glorious garden

  • Lovers of formal rose gardens have the ideal place to saunter around with the English style garden a local community favourite
  • Heritage homestead is not open to casual visitors

Read more Christchurch romantic places, couples things to do, and remember to pack clothing layers, sunscreen and picnic rug.


  1. Mt Cavendish

Gondola ride sweeping visitors up and over the plains to the surrounding hills is a must do for visitors and locals alike

  • Enjoy panoramic views of the Canterbury plains
  • Catch the gondola and get the sense of being whisked away
  • Mt Cavendish has a cafe if the weather is not great
Mt Cavendish, Christchurch, New Zealand @christopher_gehtaufreisen
Mt Cavendish @christopher_gehtaufreisen
Orton Bradley Park @davidmelse
Orton Bradley Park @davidmelse
  1. Orton Bradley Park

A private working farm with a park, paddocks, creeks and short easy walks among mature rhododendrons.

  • Paddle in the creek
  • Leisurely walks to climbs to enjoy views of Lyttelton Harbour
  • Entrance fees apply
  1. Quail Island

A Lyttelton harbour inner island to explore with an interesting past. Easily accessible from Lyttelton Harbour on the Black Cat ferry service

  • Find the ships graveyard
  • Quarantine buildings
  • Safe swimming beaches

Read more about Quail Island

Quail Island @shchavelev.pavel Павел Щавелев
Quail Island @shchavelev.pavel Павел Щавелев
Omahu Bush, Christchurch, New Zealand @happymeoutdoors
Omahu Bush @happymeoutdoors
  1. Omahu Bush

A special place where volunteers and passionate locals have ‘saved’ an area of bush from predators. The birdlife and native vegetation regeneration programme is flourishing

  • Enjoy exploring an area where dedicated locals are making a difference
  • Climb Gibraltar Rock and relish stunning views of the Lyttelton Harbour
  1. Kaitorete Spit, Banks Peninsula

There is something special about shingle barriers and the part nature plays. The spit separates Lake Ellesmere from the Pacific Ocean, Kaitorete walking tracks introduce visitors to the endangered birds that call the place home and follow in the footsteps of pre-European Maori trails


  • In 2004, that one of the country’s most significant textile finds was unearthed – tiny fragments of a Māori cloak carbon dated at around 1500AD, making it two centuries older than any cloak ever before found in New Zealand
  • Fascinating place to picnic and visit for visitors interested in conservation stories
Kaitorete Spit, Christchurch, New Zealand @wonderlustnewzealand
Kaitorete Spit @wonderlustnewzealand
Camp Bay @KIRK HARGREAVES Christchurch City Council
Camp Bay @KIRK HARGREAVES Christchurch City Council
  1. Banks Peninsula beaches

Camp Bay, Purau Bay are among the gems hidden in plain sight. There are few visitors and being approximately an hour from Christchurch have the makings of a magical day at the beach. There are streams running into small coves, driftwood to build impromptu forts and space aplenty

  • Romantic moments where the world is just the two of you
  • Places where kids can run free
  • Shaded corners and toilets

Check Banks Peninsula beaches worth a detour for inspiration


Water sports anyone? Lake Clearwater is a great place for windsurfing, kitesurfing on the shallow lake surface. Located in the Hakatere Conservation Park (Canterbury). The views of Mt Sommers are magnificent.

  • Shared walking / mountain biking trails
  • Less than 1 ½ hours from central Christchurch is the Canterbury high country and its underrated lakes definitely worth visiting
Lake Clearwater @DOC
Lake Clearwater @DOC
Southshore Spit @Newsline Christchurch City Council
Southshore Spit @Newsline Christchurch City Council
  1. Southshore Spit

An accessible peninsula with interesting birdlife another conservation spot perfect for a day fossicking and taking in the scenery. Boardwalks, wide open spaces with sand dunes where shorebirds nest. Nearby New Brighton has plenty of cafes, a fabulous kids playground and the pier for wet weather days.

  • Enjoy views to Redcliffs,Christchurch and distant glimpses of the southern alps on clear sunny days.
  • Pick up foodie treats in New Brighton and get away from the crowds where nature is in charge
  1. Ashley Gorge (Rangiora)

Less than an hour from Christchurch is a Rangiora treat. Grab an ice cream in Rangiora, snacks from the local cafes and picnic at the riverside.

  • Waimakariri treasure offering gold standard picnic options with the local council ensuring the swimming hole is fit for purpose every summer
  • Couples wanting to spend time together
  • Families getting the kids out and about with toilets and a reserve at the fingertips

Read more What’s so great about Rangiora

Ashley Gorge, Christchurch, New Zealand @cha3122
Ashley Gorge @cha3122


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