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I’m a New Zealander, Appo Hocton

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Got the New Zealand passport, Chinese born Appo was the first naturalised Chinese immigrant to New Zealand. Appo is known as Appo: “Ah Poo” Hocton aka Hoc Ting. Surname Wong. Wong Ahpoo Hock Ting.

Appo Hocton @Stuff / ROBERT KITCHIN
Appo Hocton @Stuff / ROBERT KITCHIN

Asute, literate in English (?) and definitely hard working. He developed a cartage business and, understanding he had to be a resident to buy and sell property which he managed to achieve

  • Grew hops in Nelson (one of the early pioneers)
  • Married twice with several children
  • Owned and operated a farm in Dovedale, Nelson with extensive family interests
  • He died, reputedly a centenarian, on 26 September 1920 at the home of his son Appo Louis Hocton at Dovedale

The story of an unassuming man who had left China at around nine years to work on English ships as a cabin boy. Appo, along with several crew, deserted in Nelson, NZ 1842. The ship’s surgeon is considered to have supported Appo during his arrest and detention. He continued to reside in Nelson and built a cartage business which became the basis for agricultural property development.

Appo Hocton (1823?-1920) was the first naturalised Chinese immigrant to New Zealand. He arrived in Nelson in 1842 after deserting the ship on which he was a steward and became a property developer, merchant and farmer.

Appo Hocton and Ellen Hocton @Wikitree, Terry Bowden
Appo Hocton and Ellen Hocton @Wikitree, Terry Bowden


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