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Eat & Drink

Akaroa 7 street food destinations

  • 2 minutes

@L'Escargot Rouge Deli

 French inspired bakeries, waffles and a farmers market

On holiday it’s often about getting to the place on your bucket list with the option of an impromptu picnic or quick bite to eat. Akaroa is renowned for its fine dining and farm to plate food culture yet the grab, go and eat street food scene offers plenty for visitors on the move. You have the making of a picnic, check out Akaroa cemeteries guide, 5 activities, things to see & do: Best Bits where to go and enjoy the day exploring Akaroa with your feast in the backpack.


The French standard of pastry and bread making flourishes at Sweet as Bakery. Crisp, flakey pastry dairy goodness as a staple ingredient is a sure fire winner. A perfect excuse for breakfast, outdoors with goodies from the local pasterriere. Check Sweet As Bakery for opening hours.


Authentic sea to plate fish harvested daily with the notice ‘Our fish changes depending on our catch give us a call to find out of fish of the day.’ Akaroa is home to a family owned business where the Facebook page is a picture of a boat.  Choose from gurnard and moki to warehou and salmon, and have it grilled, crumbed, battered or transformed into the famous Murphy fish burger. If you’re strolling along the main harbour, you’ll also find Murphy’s seafood truck offering food to take on the go. Check Murphy’s On The Corner for opening hours and where the freshest fish is found.


Peninsula General Store (organic) has cute wooden furniture to sit on while you sip world class freshly brewed coffee, snacks, biscuits, sandwiches and pastries The Peninsula General Store is a friendly place to relax or search for a yummy treat. There are salads to take away, herbal teas and handmade florentine biscuits in a glass jar. The bread is sourced from Vic’s Bakehouse in Christchurch. For kids a punnet of  New Zealand OOB ice cream or berries from local producers.


Another tempting French inspired food destination where breakfast should rightly be declared the main meal of the day. The newly created online menu means you can browse L’Escargot Rouge selections however there are not many photographs of all that yummy goodness. Facebook is apt proof that cupcakes should be on everyone’s picnic menu. Check L’Escargot Rouge Deli for details.

  1. Electric Kitchen Espresso & Eatery

You have to stay a few days longer to enjoy the pretty Akaroa atmosphere of Electric Kitchen Espresso & Eatery. The classic cafe fare made good is a hallmark of this quick bite with homemade quality pies milkshakes fruit smoothies killinchy gold premium

ice cream Phoenix and Charlie’s drinks fresh Paninis, Bircher muesli quiches gourmet sandwiches croissants Danish pastries Cronuts hot and cold cabinet food hot chips and lots of sweet treats. Check here for opening hours Electric Kitchen Espresso & Eatery


Bliss is Waffle Haus Akaroa stacked sweet treats. Kids will love the place as it is indulgence whipped around with cream, melted chocolate, drizzled berry sauces, salted caramel and more. To add joy to delight gourmet shakes and frappés round the feast of the senses.


Pop up stalls from restaurants, fast food outlets, your new favourite bakery and more are nestled among fresh produce vendors, smoked fish offerings and herbs, honey and olive oil stalls. Camping or in a motel then locally produced preserves, pickles, jams, sauces and organic sausages are the making for a great summer BBQ. There is something for everyone at the market. Check here for details, Akaroa Farmers Market » Akaroa & The Bays

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