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AH REED Memorial Park attractions, things to do

  • 2 minutes

Whangarei, Northland

Discover a glorious canopy walk among mature New Zealand kauri trees and brush against the canopy as you soar metres above the ground on an elevated boardwalk. And the best bit it is wheelchair accessible and easy to get to in the AH Reed Memorial Park, Whangarei.

Forest rail in AH Reed Memorial Park, Whangarei, New Zealand
Forest rail in AH Reed Memorial Park, Whangarei

Top sights of the AH Reed Memorial Park

  • The magnificent kauri groves within the AH Reed Memorial park are estimated to be 500 years old with the canopy walk sweeping visitors into the kauri canopy. The chattering Wai Koromiko stream adds to the exhilarating sense of being in a primeval forest.
  • Hatea walkway section three transverses eastern section of AH Reed Memorial Park, take time to wander on the elevated canopy walk
  • The loop tracks are well signposted and there is a wheelchair accessible track from the middle car park

AH Reed Memorial Park is a remnant of the original Northland kauri forest. Visitors are privileged with views of kauri from the canopy walk where the giants of the forest are protected from kauri dieback disease and foot trafficking on their root system.

The canopy walk is over the Waikoromiko stream, is 14 metres above ground and over 70 metres long. The park is a local favourite with dogs on a leash on the Hatea walkway and people enjoying the cool bush in the heat of summer. There are information plaques throughout the park describing the flora and fauna.


Hatea walkway connecting AH Reed Memorial Park with the outstanding Whangarei waterfalls is 2.1 km distance (one way).

AH Reed canopy walk, Whangarei public reserves, Whangarei, New Zealand.
AH Reed canopy walk, Whangarei public reserves

Canopy walk

Getting there: Lower car park (Whareora Rd)

From the Lower Car Park, cross over the bridge by the information board and then right onto the surfaced Alexander Walk. At the crossways, turn left over the Canopy Walkway to the large kauri trees. For agility, challenged walkers return on the same path to the lower car park. Otherwise the Elizabeth Track (steeper, with steps and not surfaced) makes a circular walk back to the car park.

Length: 850 metres

Alexander / McKinnon / Canopy loop track

Getting there: Middle car park and look for a wheelchair ramp onto the Alexander track which will very shortly cross over the Paranui stream. Dogs are prohibited from the loop. However, dogs are allowed on leash on Hātea River walkway to Whangārei Falls only, which passes through the eastern side of the park.

Car parks

Lower car park, Whareora Rd. There are toilets at this car park.

Middle car park (wheelchair accessible access to park) 300 metres further along Whareora Rd.

Upper car park from Whareora Rd turns onto Clapham Rd (approximately 300 metres driving distance from middle car park).

Panoramic View of Whangarei Falls, Whangarei North Island New Zealand
Whangarei Falls

Walking one way from Whangarei falls and want a pick up then aim for a lower car park. See Hatea walkway section three, Whangarei falls to AH Reed Memorial park map for details.

Whangarei Paranui Falls, steep steps to Falls, New Zealand
Whangarei Paranui Falls

How far to the Paranui Falls, Whangarei?

Paranui falls are within the AH Reed Memorial park. The walk to the Paranui Falls has a number of steep boxed steps with a wooden handrail. While on the Canopy Walk follow the directions to the McMcKinnon Track. The falls detour is signposted along this track. The track is steep, with an uneven surface and numerous steps.

You will view the Paranui falls from near the top of the cliff face. There is no access to the bottom pool and stream.

Paranui falls height is a 23 metre single drop waterfall.

The Paranui falls are best viewed after a period of rain. At the end of summer or extended dry periods the waterfall is reduced to a series of trickles over the cliff face.

The lower lookout has a number of young kauri trees (rickers):

  • Length: 1.650 km
  • Duration: 1 hour (one way)

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Whangarei is a regional hub for Northland. Northland is a year round great place to visit with attractions from the unique historical Waitangi Treaty Grounds and the pleasure of exploring Things to do in Kerikeri § Attractions, Activities, & Top Sights  to the Far North, Cape Reinga.

Quarry Gardens, Whangarei, New Zealand
Quarry Gardens, Whangarei


For more information about what to see and do in Northland check out Far North & Northland Region.


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