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A’Deanes Bush & Monckton Scenic Reserves, Ongaonga

A'Deane's Bush @HawkesBayNZ A'Deane's Bush @HawkesBayNZ

Discover a Central Hawke’s Bay hidden native gem. The short easy walk (2 km) is kids friendly. Enjoy hanging roots, shady fern corners and listen to the birdsong. A highlight is the 600 year old totara tree with a massive girth. At dusk take your torches and look out for the rare long-tailed bats. The superb example of original river terrace forest is situated at 38.5 hectare reserve. mixed podocarp and beech remnant, rich in kahikatea, tōtara, beech, matai, tawa and kowhai. Native birds are plentiful, with spring being a good time to visit as tūi and bellbirds are attracted to the many flowering kowhai trees. Monckton Bush is a small reserve on the banks of the Tangarewai stream. The land was donated in 1975 by G.I.Monckton for protection as a reserve.

There are two tracks:

  • Short 2 km track passing massive totara
  • Monckton Walkway. You’ll need to climb down a bank and cross a stream to start the track. The track itself is easily walked as it climbs and descends to the picturesque Tangarewai Stream. Use the facilities provided for picnicking and barbecuing after you’ve enjoyed a walk or swim in the reserve.

For more information, A’Deanes Bush & Monckton Scenic Reserves, Department of Conservation.


The stream after heavy rain can rise quickly. If the water is flowing fast, or you can’t see the stream bottom, don’t cross.


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