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7 Incredible (But Crazy) things to do in Abel Tasman

Abel Tasman @alreadygreen

Pocket handkerchief park that punches above its size with its global appeal. Glittering gold beaches, shallow turquoise waters, spectacular ocean views and range of wildlife. Yes we all know that, heard about it, perhaps you have been there once or twice and yet you haven`t done anything like this before I guarantee it.

This time let`s have a different approach. Abel Tasman is your playground and invites you to be with Wilson (Castaway, Tom Hanks) or be the adventurer of Robinson Crusoe for a day or two.

  1. One of the best way to enjoy the peace and serenity away from the crowd is with aerial camping high up in the trees, hidden where only you can see what`s beneath you. Hang your hammock where no one else has ever done so before and share the tree with Fantails, Tuis and Kereru (Wood pigeon). It is only three of you : the birds, your hammock and the scenery.
  1. Find your (life) balance with slacklining. So you balancing on a 5 centimetre wide piece of webbing rigged between to trees while trying to make your way gracefully from A to B without falling off. It corrects bad posture, increase core and lower body strength while you are having fun and you won`t even notice how quickly time flies by. Does sound simple, doesn`t it? Give it a try.
  1. Spend multiple days on the water, kayaking from one island to another and sleeping under the stars literary. Take all the supply you need including tent and sleeping bag but pack light because there is only certain room available in the kayak. It is like the game of “what 5 items would you have with you if you had stuck on an island?” This is your chance to be Robinson Cruose for a few days and let wildlife bother you. What an awesome thing to do.
Abel Tasman Kayaking Adventures, New Zealand @Kayak New Zealand Abel Tasman Kayaking Adventures @Kayak New Zealand
Abel Tasman Kayaking, New Zealand @Wilsons Abel Tasman Abel Tasman Kayaking @Wilsons Abel Tasman
Tinline bay, Abel Tasman, New Zealand @Oliver Weber
Tinline bay, Abel Tasman @Oliver Weber
  1. Have you ever wondered how a tree can grow and seemingly improbably anchored on top of boulder? Where that tiny seed came from? How did it managed to survive sun, wind, saltwater and the swells?  Trees need soil in order to grow because it contains vital minerals, nutrients and moisture. Soil is also for stability. But there is no soil to be seen here. Just rock.
    One of the many inexplicable things of Tinline bay. Ready to find it?
  1. Get up close with stingrays as they glide gracefully along in the shallow shoreline. Curious and playful animals when there are kayaks and snorkellers around. With a bit of luck you might have a chance to see them. Increase your chance by scattering prawn, fish or crustaceans to lure them close. They all ghosted through the shallows of the sandy beach.
Abel Tasman stingrays, New Zealand @Off Piste Ramblers
Abel Tasman stingrays @Off Piste Ramblers
Abel Tasman beach, New Zealand @stephenalvarado
Abel Tasman beach @stephenalvarado
  1. It all started behind a boat with a guy with two boards strapped to his feet. Today, is recreational fun for all. It is water skiing. Try to do the slalom, the jump. Who am I kidding, don`t get ahead of yourself, first manage to raise above the water and not to fall or sink. It is easy to learn but difficult to master, so they say. Excellent workout for but most importantly exhilarating fun because of the speed and the wind on your face. It is an item for your bucketlist.
  1. See the beauty of the land like no other and behold by the extraordinary scenery that lays beneath you. Take a scenic flight in a light aircraft over Dragon`s teeth and Golden bay and get waved at as the pilot and tips the wing to say hi to hikers as you fly over them. You won`t know where to turn your head and what to see, all instruments and gauges on the panel in front of you or the view outside. What a mind blowing experience from bird eye view.
Abel Tasman scenic flight, New Zealand @bookme
Abel Tasman scenic helicopter flight @Helicopters Nelson, Nelson, NZ

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